Handwritten draft

You want me yes you want me I can see it all over your face
I wish I could help you but I've already found my place
You see I have this thing to do and I can't be in one woman's arms
But I'm not a ??? so don't act thrown
Cause sometimes I get so alone and that's when your [sic] good for me

You mean it yes you mean it you mean every damn word you say
I hear you I hear you telling me every day
You see I'm not the man who you want me to be
I'm not even sure who he is to see at things first babe and that sure ain't you
You see the ??? this big thing to do
But sometimes I get lonely and your [sic] good to me


The above lyrics are for WANT ME, an unpublished and probably unrecorded Bruce Springsteen song dating from before he signed his record deal with Columbia Records.

Lyrics sheet

A Bruce Springsteen handwritten lyrics sheet for WANT ME was auctioned in December 2013 on GottaHaveRockAndRoll.com. The lyrics are written using a pencil on a 5"x8" ruled notepaper. At the bottom of the page Springsteen wrote "(cont)" with a ballpoint pen indicating that the song continues on the next page.

Bruce Springsteen handwritten lyrics for WANT ME
Bruce Springsteen handwritten lyrics for WANT ME


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