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On 15 Jun 2006, Bruce Springsteen made copyright filings at the U.S. Copyright Office for several new and/or previously undocumented compositions. These are not covers or adaptations of traditional songs – they are 100% Springsteen compositions. According to the U.S. Copyright Office, the creation year of these compositions is 2006.

These songs were definitely not recorded during any of the three Seeger sessions, so it's possible they may stem from rumored solo demo sessions that took place in early-mid 2006 at Thrill Hill Recording, Springsteen's home studio in Colts Neck, NJ.

The copyrighted songs are ALL GOD'S CHILDREN, FAITHLESS, GOD SENT YOU, GOIN' TO CALIFORNIA, and WHERE YOU GOIN'. All five songs remain unreleased and, unfortunately, the lyrics were never revealed.


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Available Versions

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